Simon Carter

Free/Open Source Software

R for Statisical Computations
Octave for Numerical Computations
OpenNLP for Java NLP tools
OpenNLP MAXENT for Java Maxmimum Entropy tools
gnuplot free plotting software and here's a guide on using it, and another.
Moses an Open Source SMT System
Evalb a bracket scoring program
Carmel a finite-state transducer package
JabRef a Java based reference manager
TreeForm software for Syntax Tree Drawing
Weka an ML toolkit
SALM a Suffx Array toolkit
Multi-SALM a trivial server/client script I wrote that provides same functionality of FreqOfNgrams of SALM package, but uses forks and serves requests via sockets. Online instructions are available here

SMT/LM Toolkits

tercom for calculating translation error rate

Parsers and Taggers

Collins Parser
Charniak Parser
Dan Bikel's Parser an implementaion of Collins Model 2 which can be re-trained and is more robust than Collins own Parser.
Stanford Parser
MXPOST a POS tagger
tree tagger a POS tagger

Companies doing SMT & ASR

Language Weaver